It's early, but NOW is the time to pre-order you Tanglewood Farms Turkeys. Due to availability, it is necessary to pre-order.

They are not grown to be the cheapest turkey in the supermarket, but to be of the highest quality & superiority. No artificial ingredients, hormones, steroids, antibiotics or preservatives and never frozen. USDA grade A

Whole uncooked turkey: 10/14lb→20/24lb : $3.25lb

Breast uncooked: 8/10lb or 10/12lb : $6.25lb

This is just Turkey pre-order.

Orders for Thanksgiving Dinner (for carry out).

Deadline for ordering is Nov 19th

Pick-up between 11:30am - 1pm Price is $15.95pp, 6 person minimum

Each Dinner includes: fully boneless roasted turkey with herb stuffing, a vegetable saute of zucchini, squash, green beans and sweet potatoes; turkey gravy, bread stuffing, cranberry sauce and potatoes dauphinoise.

A variety of Pâté, Desserts, Bread and Fromage will be available





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